Table 4

Analgesic agents administered to patients during their ED attendance (n=1991)

MedicationNo of patients% of all patients (n=3888)% of those receiving analgesia (n=1533)
Paracetamol PO111628.772.8
Ibuprofen PO73418.947.9
Morphine PO160.41.0
dihydrocodeine PO
Diclofenac PO40.10.3
Tramadol PO10.00.1
Diamorphine IN451.22.9
Fentanyl IN130.30.8
Entonox/Nitrous oxide INH150.41.0
Morphine IV40.10.3
Paracetamol IV20.10.1
Fentanyl IV20.10.1
Ketamine IV10.00.1
LAT gel TOP230.61.5
Local anaesthetic eye drops TOP20.10.1
Not documented40.10.3
  • ED, emergency department; IN, intranasal; INH, inhaled; IV, intravenous; PO, per‚ÄČoral; TOP, topical.