Table 1

Data sources and variables or outcomes of interest

Study designData sourceVariables of interestYears requested
Cohort studyNorth Thames Newborn Screening database (NBS)Sex, date of birth, date of sample collection, ethnicity, birth weight, gestational age, screening test results, IMD (derived from postcode of residence at birth)2000–2020
GOSH congenital hypothyroidism database (CH)Final diagnosis, screening outcome, blood tests, thyroid scans, treatment doses, genotype2006–2020
Birth and Death Registration dataDate of death, cause of death, registration type, parents’ age, parents’ occupations, parent’s birth countries2000–2020
Follow-up study of cases and controls*Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)Hospital admissions, A&E attendances, outpatient visits (can be used to derive indicators of co-morbidity)2006–2020
National Pupil Database (NPD)EYFS results
KS results
Phonics tests
SEN status
Free school meal eligibility
Language spoken
NHS Business Services Authority community dispensing data (NHSBSA)†Prescriptions submitted; prescriptions dispensed2006–2020
  • *The cases for the follow-up study will consist of the population in the CH database. Controls will be selected from pseudonymised HES data which are part of the Education and Child Health Insights from Linked Data linked database.

  • †NHSBSA will only be available for CH cases.

  • A&E, accident and emergency; EYFS, early years foundation stage; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; KS, key stage; NHS, National Health Service; SEN, special educational needs.