Table 2

Theme The child’s knowledge of Corona raises concerns and fears

Theme the child’s knowledge of Corona raises concerns and fears
Knowledge of the frightening, horrible Corona Interviewer: “Kim, what do you think about Corona?”
Kim: moves their tongue from the corners of their mouth at a high pace combined with large opening of their mouth and speaks fast with high intonation in their first language.
The interviewer provides written support and hand gestures: “What do you think about Corona? Good, Bad, In between?”
Kim: stills, says emphatically: “Bad!”
The interviewer: ”It is something bad”
Kim: looks intently at the interviewer
Interviewer: “How worried are you that you might get sick then? One is not worried”
Eli: nods
The interviewer: “The second is a little worried”
Eli: gives a big repeated nod and waves their hand
The interviewer: “Itsy-bitsy-tiny-winy worried that you will get sick yourself?”
Eli: gives a big nod and makes a confirming sound

Interviewer: “Is there anything else you are worried about?”
Michele: “Anything else. That maybe it’s the end of the world or if it starts to get more dangerous, or if like maybe everything is shut down. And it will all end, like now, this second”
The interviewer: “Sounds pretty scary, to think about”
Michele: “That is, everything is shut down and everyone dies. I'm scared shitless about that”
Robin: “Everything is awful”, signs the hand sign for terrible
Very worried someone will get sick, especially the elderly The interviewer: “Those who are old would get sick, how worried are you about that then? (starts moving the pointer along a scale). Not worried at all, tiny little worried a two, a three… a little worried, now we are on worried now here more than worried”
Eli: nods
Interviewer: “Is it okay at six?”
Eli: stops nodding
Assistant: “More worried”
Interviewer: “Even more worried? Up here then on really really really worried, super worried? A ten?”
Assistant: “Are you really worried? Do you want to show a lot or a really?”
Eli: shows a gross motor signal interpreted as a lot and really
The assistant: “Yes then it’s so, then it’s like ten, when Eli does that”
Interviewer: “Are we up to ten? Was it okay with a ten? Is ten good?”
Eli: nods
The interviewer: “A ten is, really really, very-mega worried”
Eli: nods big, sits still and points to the communication board
The assistant: “Mm, thinking of grandma to die, grandma and eh… Grandpa, they are special. Anyone else?”
Eli: shows signs of no
The parent: “Who are you afraid of ending up in the hospital?”
Bobbie: makes a hand sign (not known to the interviewer)
Parent: “Grandpa? … But you said you were afraid that someone would end up in the hospital there, is there anyone in particular you are worried about?”
Bobbie: signs hand sign
Parent: “Grandpa? Oh, ok…”