Table 3

Theme boring corona makes the child even lonelier

Theme boring corona makes the child even lonelier
The Impact of Corona on School Interviewer: “What do you think about school now with Corona?”
Michele: “Yes, I think many people are pretty close to each other, mostly in like the dining hall and then like when you stand in line so like everyone is pushing their arms against each other(…)And in the corridors, it’s the same, there are many people.”

Interviewer: “Here we are at one, it is as usually, you get to be with your friends, the ones you usually hang with?
Eli: looks away
Interviewer: “No(…)here four, in between, a little different”
Eli: looks away
Interviewer: “No, six, you feel a little lonely… quite lonely, now we are up alone. And up here we are on super-duper very lonely”
Eli: tilts head back, looks up, nods big
Interviewer: “Yep, you feel like you've become more lonely when it’s Corona, okay”

The parent: ”So then she asks like this, what is it like not to be in preschool? Do you think it’s fun to be home so much, do you think it’s boring not to be in preschool?”
Bobbie: “aah!”
Parent: “Boring”
Life has become strange and boring Interviewer: “And has it made life more boring for you, or how has it affected you?”
Michele: “Ah I liked being at the community pool the most…(…)cinema too, ah yes! So, it’s like, I think cinema is the nicest, best of all(…)I miss a lot of things!”

Alexis: points to the screen
The parent: “Which one did you point to?”
Alexis: points again “Boring”
Parent: “Boring”
Interviewer: “Boring, yes, you know, I also think it’s very, very boring with Corona, super boring(…)But how boring is it then with Corona? Not boring, or in between, whatever number you want or super-duper boring on ten”
Alexis: “Seven!”

Robin: points at the screen “look, I, alone”
Interviewer: hand signs the sign alone, “you feel, then you feel alone?”
Robin: signs feel “ah, I feel, alone”

Michele:” So I mean it gets worse and yes many get even lonelier.”
Interviewer: “It’s not like you're lonely, but you think of everyone who’s lonely?”
Michele: “No I do not feel like, really alone”
Loneliness and Longing for Granny and Grandpa The interviewer: “But who are you missing then? Is it, maybe it’s “grandfather” signs the hand sign for elderly man, “or grandmother or some friend, who are you missing?”
Robin: signs the hand sign for friend
The interviewer: “Friend, are those the friends you are not allowed to be with?”
Robin: “Friend, grandma, grandpa, grandmother, grandfather*”
Interviewer: “But who do you miss the most?”
Robin: signs an unrecognized sign interpreted as a name
Parent: “Grandma”

The interviewer: “Yes, you feel that you have become more lonely when it’s Corona, okay… who are you missing, who are you not allowed to meet?
Eli: looks down at the communication board, and points repeatedly
The assistant interprets the child: “… Grandma, Grandpa, the whole gang”
Interviewer: “Yes, I see that you point super much at Granny now”
  • *In Swedish, the word for grandmother and grandfather alters if it is the mother’s or father’s parents.