Table 4

Top 5 most important benefits of ERM

Perceived ERM benefits (most to least important)Sum rank score*
Reduction in length of ICU stay326
Improvement in the psychological impact of PICU care288
Reduction in days requiring mechanical ventilation (MV)242
Improvement in daily life participation following discharge221
Improved patient satisfaction158
Reduction in the rate of pulmonary complications122
Reduction in patient delirium95
Improved family satisfaction94
Improvement in patient sleep quality82
Reduction in treatment cost60
Reduction in readmission50
Increase in the number of patients discharged home42
Improved staff satisfaction27
  • *Sum of rank score: ranking of top 5 (1–5) (1st placed rank scored 5 points to 5th placed scored 1 point). 121/124 (98%) participants ranked scores.

  • ERM, early rehabilitation and mobilisation; ICU, intensive care unit; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.