Table 6

Types of ERM equipment available in each PICU (n=26)

ERM equipment available in each PICUn (%)
Specialist static seating25 (96)
Portable ventilators23 (88)
Mobile lifts22 (85)
Tilt table22 (85)
Bed with full chair position18 (69)
Specialist wheelchair18 (69)
Bed with Trendelenburg features13 (50)
Patient rolling walker11 (42)
Bedside cycle or in-bed cycle10 (38)
Ceiling lifts8 (31)
Specialty bed with continuous side to side rotation8 (31)
Bed with retractable footboard7 (27)
Bed with chair egress exit out the foot of the bed5 (19)
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation3 (12)
  • ERM, early rehabilitation and mobilisation; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.