Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics (N=521); percentages reported as row percentages

Mean (SD)Range
Age in years
 Responding parent (N=500)41.1 (6.5)18–66
 All children8.4 (4.2)1–18
 Children with SHCN (N=293)8.6 (4.5)0–18
No of children per household2.0 (0.9)1–6
Household size3.96 (1.03)2–9
Household net equivalent income (N=505; monthly, in Euros)2117 (773)192–5619
 Partner living in the same household (n=441)2193 (745)298–5619
 Partner living in a different household (n=12)2060 (1085)750–4375
 No partner (n=51)1474 (645)192–3462
Gender of respondent (N=502)
Gender of child
Relation to child (N=503)
 Biological mother44388.1
 Biological father509.9
Relationship status (N=504)
 With partner, in same household44187.5
 With partner, not in same household122.4
 No partner5110.1
Country of birth of parents (N=505)
 Both in Germany42183.4
 One parent in Germany, one elsewhere6312.5
 Both elsewhere214.1
Place of residence (N=506)
 City (>100 000 inhabitants)20640.7
 Surroundings of a city with >100 000 inhabitants5911.7
 Town (20 000–100 000 000 inhabitants)8717.2
 Small town (5000–20 000 000 inhabitants)5611.1
 Rural municipality (<5000 inhabitants)9819.4
Disease complexity of child (N=518)
 No special healthcare needs (CSHCN=0)22543.3
 Chronic disease (CSHCN ≤2 criteria)5210.0
 Complex chronic disease (CSHCN ≥3 criteria)24146.5
Educational level according to CASMIN classification (N=505)
 1 a: Inadequately completed general education10.2
 1b: General elementary education20.4
 1 c: General elementary education and vocational qualification102.0
 2 a: Intermediate general qualification and vocational qualification6011.9
 2b: Intermediate general qualification163.2
 2 c_gen: General maturity certificate326.3
 2 c_voc: General maturity certificate and vocational qualification6813.5
 3 a: Lower tertiary education5310.5
 3b: Higher tertiary education26352.1
Employment status of respondent (N=503)
 Inactive or unemployed8216.3
 Short term or temporary employment285.6
 Part time28556.7
 Full time10821.5
  • CSHCN, Children with Special Healthcare Needs; SHCN, Special Healthcare Needs.