Table 2

Surgical and interventional procedures performed in 20 patients

NoGender, age (years)AssociationIntervention(s)
1Male, 2.3Methylmalonic acidaemia
  1. ERCP sphincterotomy*

2Female, 12.6Gallstones
  1. ERCP sphincterotomy and stones removal*

  2. Elective cholecystectomy*

3Male, 13Gallstones
  1. Elective cholecystectomy*

4Female, 13.7Pancreas divisum
  1. ERCP, pancreatic duct drainage, sphincterotomy and stent insertion*

5Male, 14.1Sodium valproate
  1. Percutaneous drainage of Left sided abdominal collection*

6Male, 14.8Gallstones
  1. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy†

7Female, 8Choledochal cyst
  1. Excision of type I fusiform choledochal malformation*

8Male, 4.9Idiopathic
  1. ERCP, cyst-duodenostomy stent (Stent removed)*

9Male, 10.3Trauma
  1. Endoscopic stent for pseudocyst† (unsuccessful)

  2. Laparoscopic cystgastrotomy for pseudocyst†

10Female, 13.5Gallstones
  1. Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy*

11Male, 2Asparaginase
  1. Diagnostic laparoscopy†

12Female, 14.8Gallstones
  1. Elective cholecystectomy*

13Female, 13.5Gallstones
  1. Cholecystectomy and Splenectomy*

14Male, 14.6Gallstones
  1. ERCP sphincterotomy and stones removal†

  2. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy*

15Male, 5.5Choledochal cyst
  1. Excision of choledochal malformation with hepaticojejunostomy*

16Female, 12Viral infection
  1. Laparotomy and drainage of large peripancreatic collection in lesser sac†

17Male, 5.4Hereditary
  1. ERCP and stent placement†

  2. ERCP and stent removal*

18Female, 12Idiopathic
  1. Diagnostic laparoscopy for acute abdomen†

19Male, 14.7Gallstones
  1. Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy*

20Male, 14.6Gallstones
  1. ERCP and removal of 6 CBD stones†

  • *Intervention during the follow-up period.

  • †Intervention at initial admission.

  • CBD, common bile duct; ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.