Table 1

Example of a patient case presented in round 2 including the panel’s score and a reminder of the participant’s score along with any free-text comments

To which extent do you agree or disagree that the following patient case could be included in a PTTT as a case where a nurse can reduce the PTTT score by the specified number of points without consulting a doctor:
Child with high fever; antibiotic treatment has recently been initiated but has not yet had sufficient effect.
The score for pulse rate and respiration rate can be lowered (max 2 points).
1. Strongly disagree23456789. Strongly agreeDon’t know
In the first round, you answered 5 and the panel’s median score was 7 (IQR: 4–9).
The following were the comments from the panel:
  • “Assume that antibiotics has just been initiated and sepsis, etc., is excluded.”

  • “It depends on how long the child has been in antibiotic treatment.”

  • “It depends on how long the child has been treated with antibiotics. Whether it is within 1 day or after 3 days.”

  • ”Yes, if there is a pain score.”

  • ”It is a seriously ill child. Reduction in score must be agreed with doctor.”

  • PTTT, paediatric track and trigger tool.