Table 5

Laboratory investigations performed in the subjects

Individuals in each diagnostic category having investigationsMean % of recommended investigations% of group who had all the recommended investigations
Pathological (group 1) (n=51)8947
 Primary growth failure (n=28)8839
 Secondary growth failure (n=23)8957
Unknown aetiology (group 2) (n=15)9773
 Under active surveillance (n=12)9775
 Lost to follow-up (n=3)9367
Non-pathological (group 3) (n=47)8660
 FSS (n=29)8353
 CDGP (n=18)9172
Normal (group 4) (n=26)8241
 Normal stature (n=19)7841
 Normal growth trajectory (n=7)9443
Total (n=139)8753
  • CDGP, constitutional delay of growth and puberty; FSS, familial short stature.