Table 2

Tax abuse, debt service, and the children’s climate emergency risk indexcountries at low risk of revenue losses

CountryTax abuse (2016/2017) as % of government revenueDebt service (2020) as a % of government revenueDebt classificationIncome levelHeavily indebted poor country (HIPC)Tax abuse and debt service combined as a % of government revenueChildren’s climate risk index
Algeria0.710.2No risk identifiedLMICNo0.914.6
Bolivia1.518.4Risk of private debt crisisLMICYes9.915
Burkina Faso0.115.6Risk of private debt crisisLICYes5.717.6
Cambodia0.686.9Risk of private debt crisisLMICNo7.586.5
Comoros0.288.4Risk of public debt crisisLMICYes8.68n/a
Eswatini1.164.5No risk identifiedLMICNo5.665.2
Guinea0.264.4No risk identifiedLICYes4.668.4
India1.852.8No risk identifiedLMICNo4.657.4
Kiribati0.12.4No risk identifiedLMICNo2.5n/a
Malawi3.185.4Risk of public and private debt crisisLICYes8.586.7
Mali0.559.1Risk of private debt crisisLICYes9.657.3
Myanmar0.036.4Risk of private debt crisisLMICNo6.437.1
Nepal0.183.2Risk of public and private debt crisisLMICNo3.386.1
Sao Tome and Principe0.398.4Risk of public and private debt crisisLMICYes8.79n/a
Solomon Islands0.531.9Risk of private debt crisisLMICNo2.435.2
Timor-Leste0.221Risk of private debt crisisLMICNo1.22n/a
Uzbekistan0.966.9Risk of private debt crisisLMICNo7.865.4
Vietnam1.218.5No risk identifiedLMICNo9.716.8
  • LIC, Low-Income Country; LMIC, Lower-Middle-Income Country.