Table 4

Comparison of survey results regarding professional views on consent in neonatal units between 2003 and 2016 (n=10)

2003 (Shenoy)2016 (Vasu)p Value
Implied consent (n)Explicit consent (n)Implied consent (%)Implied consent (n)Explicit consent (n)Implied consent (%)
Peripheral intravenous cannula46198663960.646
Central line insertion (long line)434914524650.002*
Lumbar puncture39883195028<0.0001*
Suprapubic aspirate415894326620.001*
Intercostal chest drain406875217750.157
Endotracheal intubation443945811840.153
Nitric oxide2312665415780.236
Genetics (DNA CGH array)1829381681<0.0001*
Blood transfusion351274254436<0.0001*
  • *Interventions for which there has been a statistically significant changeĀ (*p<0.05) in professional view between the two surveys are highlighted in green.