Table 3

Adjusted markers of successful extubation for infants extubated from conventional ventilation (CV) and for infants extubated from HFOV

EffectOR95% CIP valueCoef.Adj. coef.
Extubation from CV, n=261
 GA, weeks3.12.03 to 4.58<0.0011.191.05
 Female sex2.41.34 to 4.160.0030.870.77
 Apgar >5 at 5 min of age3.31.46 to 7.250.0041.181.05
 Age at extubation, days1.11.02 to 1.08<0.0010.060.05
 Pre-extubation FiO2 ≤0.356.32.51 to 16.00<0.0011.921.70
 MAP at extubation0.80.66 to 1.060.135−0.18−0.16
Extubation from HFOV, n=55
 Female sex2.60.71 to 9.710.150.970.73
 Age at extubation, days1.11.00 to
 Pre-extubation FiO2 ≤0.358.61.76 to 42.190.0082.151.63
 MAP at extubation0.60.38 to 1.000.05−0.49−0.37
  • Coef, coefficient; FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen; GA, gestational age; HFOV, high-frequency oscillatory ventilation; MAP, mean airway pressure.