Table 3

Consensus (highlighted in bold and green) among parents and professionals choosing implied, explicit verbal or explicit written consent for each intervention

InterventionsConsensus view
Peripheral intravenous cannula Implied consent
Peripheral arterial lineNo consensus
Lumbar puncture Explicit verbal
Endotracheal intubation Implied consent
Long lineNo consensus
Umbilical catheter Implied consent
Scalp vein Explicit verbal
Surfactant Implied consent
Intercostal drain Implied consent
Suprapubic aspirationNo consensus
Nitric oxideNo consensus
Blood transfusion Explicit verbal
Dilutional exchange transfusionNo consensus
Double volume exchange transfusionNo consensus
Medical closure of patent ductus arteriosus Explicit verbal
Postnatal steroids for extubationNo consensus
Urine toxicologyNo consensus
DNA CGH array Explicit verbal
Therapeutic hypothermia Implied consent
Ventricular tap Explicit verbal
  • Agreement between parent and professional choice in type of consent is illustrated in green (12/20: 60%).