Table 12

Characteristics of the studies, pharmacokinetics and dose recommendations related to theophylline

StudynPNAWeightStudy designGroupModelModalityAdministered doseVdCLt1/2 (hours)Recommended dose
Mulla et al,37 UKN: 38
I: 14
8.4±5.9 for neonates
122±107 for infants
3.3±0.5 for neonates
4.8±2.0 for infants
1 group compared with the literature
Children1-compartment with first-order elimination with WinNonMix ProfessionalVV–VA9.2±2.6 µg/kg/min infusionThe interindividual variability
The interindividual variability
Maintenance infusion rates following an initial loading dose (0.57×weight (kg)×10 mg/L). Maintenance infusion rate calculated from: average steady-state concentration=rate of infusion/clearance (using clearance parameters determined in the final model).
  • Boldfaced fonts represent comparisons with controls within the same study. In other studies, they represent comparisons with non-ECMO neonates from a different published study.

  • CL, clearance; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; I, infants; N, neonates; PNA, postnatal age; R, retrospective; t1/2, elimination half-life; VA, veno-arterial; Vd, volume of distribution; VV, veno-venous.