Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of Colombian newborns with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection

CharacteristicN (%)*Rate per 10 000 live births
SexMale485 (55.1)15.0
Female394 (44.9)12.8
Ethnic groupNative/Indigenous10 (1.1)3.3
Afro-Colombian20 (2.2)8.4
No ethnic differentiation849 (96.5)14.7
Gestational age at birth weeks (n=241)20–273 (1.2)13.2
28–3655 (22.7)9.5
≥37183 (75.9)3.3
Birth weight category (n=241)< 2500 g59 (24.4)10.4
≥ 2500 g182 (75.5)3.2
Birth weight (g), median (range) (n=241)3020 (526–4225)
Socioeconomic stratumLow574 (65.3)ND
Medium115 (13.0)ND
High7 (0.8)ND
No data183 (20.8)ND
Underlying conditions†Prematurity‡65 (7.3)1.03
Congenital heart disease10 (1.1)0.16
Birth defects8 (0.9)0.13
Low birth weight for GA§6 (0.6)0.10
Undernutrition6 (0.6)0.10
Respiratory disease6 (0.6)0.10
Congenital syphilis2 (0.2)0.03
Tuberculosis1 (0.1)0.02
  • *n=879, unless specified otherwise

  • †Sixty-seven infants were reported with one or more underlying conditions. These conditions are listed in the notification form and checked by the patient’s healthcare provider, no additional information regarding these conditions is received in the public health surveillance system.

  • ‡This category of prematurity includes infants classified as being born preterm, with and without known GA at birth.

  • §Birth weight for gestational age and sex below the 10th percentile according to Fenton newborn growth standards.

  • GA, gestational age; ND, no data.