Table 3

Bivariate analysis of selected clinical and demographic variables and SARS-CoV-2 case classification (symptomatic vs asymptomatic) in newborns with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection during the first pandemic year in Colombia—March 2020 to February 2021

VariableSymptomatic (n)Asymptomatic (n)PR (95% CI)
 Male2961330.9074 (0.8178 to 1.0070)
 Female (ref)211126
Birthweight category
 ≥2500 g126460.8342 (0.662 to 1.0511)
 <2500 g (ref)3321
Gestational age category
 Preterm (<37 weeks)36231.2056 (0.9651 to 1.5061)
 Term (≥37 weeks) (ref)12846
Low birth weight for gestational age*
 No5022591.5159 (1.4405 to 1.5953)
 Yes (ref)50
Presence of underlying conditions†
 No4652531.331 (1.1397 to 1.5547)
 Yes (ref)254
  • In bold: with statistical significance

  • *Birth weight for gestational age and sex below the 10th percentile according to Fenton newborn growth standards.

  • †Grouped underlying conditions including respiratory disease, cardiac disease, malnutrition, tuberculosis, birth defects, congenital syphilis infection

  • PR, prevalence ratio.