Table 1

Examples and characteristics of the proposed QIs for paediatric and perinatal care in Japan

CategoryConditionNo. of QIsIndicator IDDescription of selected indicators
Patient safetyPatient safety19PS08Therapeutic drug monitoring of vancomycin
PS14Sedation without sedative during MRI examination (aged 7–9)
General paediatricsKawasaki disease4KD02Recommended initial treatment
KD03Examination for hepatitis B and C virus before Infliximab administration
Urinary tract infection8UTI01Urinary culture and urine Gram staining before administration of antibacterial drugs
UTI03Antibacterial drugs for 7–14 days
Paediatric bronchial asthma11PBA03PaCO2/PaO2 examination and chest X-ray for isoproterenol persistent inhalation and/or using mechanical ventilation
PBA11unplanned readmission within 7 days after discharge
Advanced paediatricsNeonates (respiratory care)5NRC04Caffeine administration to facilitate weaning from mechanical ventilation
NRC05Avoiding administration of dexamethasone with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
Acute abdomen11AAI03Avoiding CT scan at admission (for intussusception)
AAA02Laparoscopic appendectomy (for acute appendicitis)
Rare diseases7RDA03Morphological bone marrow examination and diagnosis by haematologist
RDC03Avoiding neuromuscular blocking agents at admission
Advanced obstetricsPreterm birth6PB01Corticosteroids administration for threatened preterm labour
PB04Avoiding tocolytic maintenance therapy
Caesarean section8CS04Planned caesarean section for gestation 38 weeks and more
CS08Pneumatic compression and/or compression stockings after caesarean section
  • QIs, quality indicators.