Table 3

Summary of schedule of procedures for control group

Peanut OIT; intervention group
Study phaseScreeningStandard careEnd of treatmentEnd of study
Week of studyUp to −240–5252 (up to 56)+4 from EOT
Visit categoryScreening visitEntry OFCTelephone contact every 3 monthsExit OFC
Duration2 hours5–6 hours15 min remote5–6 hours15 min remote
 Informed consentX
 Eligibility criteriaXX
 Demographics, medical and family historyX
 Anthropometrics, vital signs, physical exam, SCORADXXX
 QuestionnairesXX—12 weeks and 24 weeksX
 Skin prick testXX
 Blood, stool and saliva samplesX(X)X
 Oral food challengeXX
 Adverse event, concomitant medication assessmentXXXX
 Anaphylaxis educationXX
 Strict peanut avoidanceX
  • EOT, end of treatment; OFC, oral food challenge; OIT, oral immunotherapy; SCORAD, SCORing of Atopic Dermatitis.