Table 2

Associations between constipation and soiling: joint distribution of classes derived from parallel longitudinal Latent Class Analysis model (n=8435)

Constipation classesSoiling classes (%)
Normative (soiling)DelayedRelapsePersistentTotal
Normative (constipation)74.5* 4.3 2.2 1.0 82
Early childhood occurrence5.5 1.1§ <0.1§ 0.5§ 7.1
Late childhood occurrence5.8 0.6§ 0.9§ 0.3§ 7.6
Persistent1.9 0.4§ 0.5§ 0.5§ 3.3
  • Data shown in the table are class proportions for the latent class patterns based on the estimated model. These results are for the sample of children with both constipation and soiling data for at least three time points.

  • *Normative (74.5% of total)—normative classes for both constipation and soiling.

  • †Soiling alone (7.5% of total)—normative class for constipation and non-normative classes for soiling.

  • ‡Constipation alone (13.2% of total)—normative class for soiling and non-normative classes for constipation.

  • §Constipation with soiling (4.8% of total)—non-normative classes for constipation and soiling.