Table 1

Comparison of the devices, with flow rates and pressures. Devices and pressures that did not produce flow rate above the clinically useful minimum 30 mL/min, or where the pressures were over 150 mmHg, have been greyed out

Flow rates for given Pressures (mL/min)
Whole Milk
Pressure for given flows (mm Hg) (access/return)
Equine blood
Length (mm)Manufacturer50 mm Hg100 mm Hg150 mm Hg200 mm Hg20 mL/min30 mL/min40 mL/min50 mL/min
Intravenous access devices8Fr haemodialysis catheter125Gambro3385128149−43/21−61/36−81/55−96/76
6.5Fr haemodialysis catheter75Gambro3378101129−51/18−68/38−89/60−108/80
18G cannula45Jelco (Smiths)236082100−53/32−76/44−100/68−123/97
20G cannula32Jelco (Smiths)21476477−63/38−94/57−121/86−146/120
5Fr central
5Fr haemodialysis catheter650Baxter9273944−114/157−157/220−195/323−240/352
5Fr umbilical line400Vygon12223036−205/184−238/295
4Fr umbilical line400Vygon8152025Maximal pressure exceeded for all runs
ConnectorsThree-way tap5189168224−31/5−43/13−53/26−64/35
20G + needle-free valve22557590
15 cm lectrocath150Vygon−79/52−114/79−148/117−178/145