Table 3

Unit costs of resource items

Resource itemsUnit cost or range*Source of unit cost
Community and social care services, per contact hour
 Practice nurse41.0 (35.0–53.0)Curtis31
 Community nurse39.0 (33.0–43.0)Curtis31
 Community paediatrician223.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Dentists115.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Orthodontist45.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Optician138.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Chiropodist41.0 (33.0–45.0)Curtis31
 Physiotherapist47.0 (37.0–53.0)Curtis31
 Speech and language74.0 (52.0–87.0)Curtis31
 Health visitor/research therapist44.0 (33.0–54.0)Curtis31
 Social worker54.0 (34.0–150.0)Curtis31
 Counsellor35.6–90.1Inflated PSSRU, 200734
 Community psychologist60.0–136.0Curtis31
 Community psychiatrist60.0Curtis31
 Osteopath35.0–50.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Audiologist150.0NHS Reference Costs32
 General practitioner, per consultation53.0 (43.0–63.0)Curtis31
Other care service, per week
 Residential respite care268.0 (71.0–413.0)Inflated PSSRU, 201135
 Foster care637.0Inflated PSSRU, 201134
Hospital outpatient, per attendance†
 Category 1 (ENT)71.7 (45.0–98.0)NHS Reference Costs32
 Category 2 (A&E)137.6 (106.0–197.0)NHS Reference Costs32
 Category 3 (other)268.6 (205.0–351.0)NHS Reference Costs32
Hospital inpatient admissions, per admission
 Cochlear implant‡20 333.0–30 709.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Paediatric ward757.0–12 281.0NHS Reference Costs32
 Other545.0–1846.0NHS Reference Costs32
Education, per year
 Mainstream school4581.0Department of Education, 201236
 Mainstream school with special unit4819.0Department of Education, 201236
 Special school for the physically disabled17 795.0–27 000.0Local authority (Southampton)
 Residential school61 859.0–167 268.0NASS33 and individual schools
 Special school for learning difficulties/deaf15 580.0–25 833.0Local authority (Southampton)
Equipment loaned, per year
 Digital hearing aid126NHS Reference Costs32
 Wheelchair172.0Inflated PSSRU, 2011
 Loop system137.0–1200.0Local provider
 Vibrating alarm clock15.0–85.0Local provider
 Doorbell/light8.5–59.9Local provider
 Fire alarm and flashing lights7.7–138.0Local provider
 Light-up phone34.8–70.8Local provider
Local authority provided home adaptations, unit cost
 Bathing equipment4539Local authority (Southampton)
 Adapted shower5000Local authority (Southampton)
 Accessible kitchen built483Curtis31
  • Values are £2013.

  • *Ranges of unit costs are specified where unit costs varied according to location or intensity of care provided.

  • †Hospital outpatient attendances are categorised as low, medium and high cost services.

  • ‡Includes cost of cochlear implant equipment and surgical procedure and other inpatient costs.

  • A&E, Accident and Emergency; ENT, Ear, Nose and Throat; NASS, National Association of Independent Schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools; NHS, National Health Service; PSSRU, Personal Social Services Resource Unit.