Table 5

Factors that influenced mothers’ vaccination choices for their babies

FactorsMost important
n (%)
Second most important*
n (%)
In mothers who were positive about immunisation (n=284)
Reasons for vaccinating my childVaccines protect my baby177 (62)14 (18)
It is the right thing to do†65 (23)51 (64)
It is free of charge37 (13)14 (18)
It is required to enter child care1 (1)1 (1)
Other4 (1)NA
Main people who influenced my decisionI made the decision myself173 (61)13 (22)
Health professional74 (27)21 (35)
Husband29 (10)17 (28)
Mother(s)4 (1)9 (15)
Other4 (1)NA
In mothers who were negative about immunisation (n=2)
Reasons for not vaccinating my childI am scared of vaccine-related adverse effects2 (100)0 (0)
Main people who influenced my decisionHusband2 (100)NA
  • *This does not necessarily add up to N, since not all mothers indicated a second factor.

  • †Everyone should vaccinate their baby.