Table 1

Current policies, processes and training for the management of anaphylaxis reaction at the school/day care (n=59)

Have a policy for anaphylaxis prevention by avoiding confirmed allergens (eg, banning peanuts)
Have a written policy for managing life-threatening allergies protocol
Have medical records that specify children who have an allergy
Have epinephrine or epinephrine ampoules available for intramuscular use during an emergency event
Have Epi-pen autoinjectors available for emergency use
Have written standard orders of epinephrine injection for emergency usage
The staff are trained to administer Epi-pen autoinjector if available
School/day care awareness and training sessions are provided by healthcare providers (physicians or nurses) to identify and manage anaphylaxis
Have encountered a case of anaphylaxis reaction
  • *Valid percent is used accounting for missing data.