Table 6

Economic outcomes

Economic outcome domainsNumber of studies discussing outcome domain (n=62)OutcomeNumber of studies discussing outcome
Verbatim text extract
Healthcare utilisation15Frequent appointments2 ‘I felt left out, I was always missing school because I had to go to the hospital for check-ups.’ 48
Frequent readmissions4 The prolonged hospitalisations experienced by children with BPD and the frequent interactions of families with medical personnel may result in increased access and opportunities for services for parents of children with BPD. 74
Inappropriate treatments2 Community providers…may lack the required knowledge and skills to manage complex infants, leading to suboptimal office-based care and perceived overutilisation of the emergency system. 69
Need for frequent treatments3 ‘There were lots of masks and nebulisers during those years.’ 43
Need for lifelong care3 ‘When the outcome is disastrous they just expect parents to take home severely handicapped babies and deal with life-long problems.’ 75
Recurrent sickness1 ‘We’ve only put him with other children for the past month. The biggest worry right now is when he is going to get sick.’ 58
Other outcomesDuration of admission2 Decrease length of stay selected as key performance indicator 59
Healthcare resources3 Although respondents frequently discussed the emotional toll to all concerned, the monetary cost of long-term stays was very rarely (<1%) mentioned. 55
  • BPD, borderline personality disorder.