Table 4

Parent-focused outcomes

Parent-focused outcome domainsNumber of studies discussing outcome domain
OutcomeNumber of studies discussing outcome
Verbatim text extract
Parental support30Coping with maternal illness5 One nurse spoke of her belief that mothers could be diagnosed with depressive conditions. 62
Culture differences2 Three families felt strongly that their stress derived from differences in the medical management approaches between the USA and their homeland. 65
Parental ability to work2 They liked being back at work because it helped occupy their minds, but they reported being exhausted. 66
Parental competence4 ‘We learned everything we needed and knew what we had to do, I was quite comfortable when we went home.’ 47
Parental involvement10 ‘During our baby’s stay in the neonatal unit both myself and Peter were fully involved in our son’s care and did most of the caring such as nappy changing and NGT feeds.’ 51
Support from family and friends5 My mother in law and my mother both would watch my older daughter that first year quite a bit while I would take my daughter to therapy.’ 45
Support from fathers2 “Fathers ranged from being very supportive, ‘[we’re] in this together,’ to being deterrents or completely absent.” 66
Support from healthcare professionals6 ‘The nursing staff, the doctorsthey really know what they’re doingnot only medically, but dealing with us personally…that helped a lot.’ 67
Other outcomes only in 1 paperBalancing caring for themselves and their baby: barriers to parental involvement: care provided close to home: maintaining hope: online support: preparation for NICU admission: support from faith
Other outcomesLong-term effects on parents2 We should be looking at Postnatal Depression after the baby goes home… Once they actually get a baby home, that’s when the reality sets in. All the triggers are there. 62
Other outcomes only in 1 paperSupport beyond NICU: parental perception of uncertainty
  • NGT, nasogastric tube; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.