Table 7

Social outcomes

Social outcome domainsNumber of studies discussing outcome domain (n=62)OutcomeNumber of studies discussing outcome
Verbatim text extract
Relationships with others19Bonding with family and friends3 ‘The only thing we might have donesome of our closest friendsit would have been nice to have them there as well.’ 67
Bonding with parents8 ‘I find it a great joy when the mums do hold the baby against their chest.’ 76
Effects on family and friends7 Almost all parents acknowledged the emotional adjustment of other family members in response to raising a child with physical impairment. 45
Family resources2 Three families felt overwhelmed by a lack of resources (especially in the area of family support). 65
Peer acceptance2 I’ve had 4 year-olds tell me the other kids don’t want to play with them cause they have a dumb arm. 57
Other outcomes only in 1 paperChildhood happiness: overprotective parent–child relationship: psychological coping
Psychiatric7Need for educational support7 The patient is at an age-appropriate grade level but attends resource classes in math and achieves only average grades in other areas. 49
Psychiatric disorder3 The mother is very focused on the boys' physical and emotional symptoms. 49
Other outcomes only in 1 paperAutism: behavioural disturbances: dyslexia: mood disorders
Other outcomesOther outcomes only in 1 paperSchooling: self-identifying as premature