Table 1

Characteristics of study population

VariableGirls with CPP and no disability group AGirls with a disability group B
group B1
Normal puberty
group B2
Mean (range) of age at enrolment (years)9.6 (7.0–13.0)9.2 (5.0–11.1)10.1 (10.3–14)
Mean (range) of age at onset of puberty (years)6.3 (5.5–7.8)6.5 (3.0–7.6)11 (9.5–13.0)
Mean (range) duration of treatment (years)2.2 (0.2–5.4)2.6 (1.9–5)0.9 (0.3–3.1)
Number of mothers intending to delay puberty15 (100%)8 (80%)6 (35%)
Number of mothers intending to stop puberty02 (20%)11 (55%)
Number of mothers who would consider surgical intervention to stop puberty02 (20%)5 (29%)