Table 4

Multivariable Poisson regression analysis of injuries requiring surgical treatment

RR95% CIRR95% CI
Age (n=741)
 10 years and moreReferenceReference
 <1 year1.91.6 to to 1.9
 1–5 years2.31.1 to to 3.6
 6–9 years1.20.9 to to 1.7
Gender (n=741)
 Female0.90.5 to to 1.1
External cause (n=740)
 Transport injuries1.30.7 to to 1.1
 Exposure to inanimate mechanical forces0.50.4 to to 0.9
 Exposure to smoke, fire, flames, heat/hot substances1.31.1 to to 7.5
 Others*0.90.6 to to 1.5
Mode of transfer (n=680)
 Private carReferenceReference
 Hospital ambulance0.90.6 to 1.60.640.28 to 1.46
 Royal Omani Police (ROP) ambulance0.40.2 to to 1.05
 Walk-in, wheelchair0.50.3 to 1.20.760.45 to 1.25
 Others0.90.4 to 1.80.730.52 to 4.06
Hospital admission type (n=740)
 Primary admissionReferenceReference
 Transferred1.20.6 to to 2.6
 National referral centre (Khoula)ReferenceReference
 Regional referral centre (Nizwa)1.10.6 to to 0.8
Emergency Room triage code (n=700)
 10 min2.80.5 to to 3.2
 30 min3.30.6 to to 5.1
 90 min1.80.3 to to 2.1
 240 min*2.70.4 to 17.3
Body part (n=721)
 Head, face and neck6.23.4 to to 15.3
 Thorax3.52.2 to to 3.3
 Abdomen, back and pelvis3.72.7 to to 10.1
 Multiple injuries*2.71.4 to to 16.3
 External*4.63.4 to to 29.9
 Others4.43.4 to to 16.6
Injury Severity Score (n=741)
 <102.40.4 to to 2.3
 10–1514.41.4 to to 42.5
 15–251.90.4 to to 4.6
Revised Trauma Score (n=297)1.20.5 to to 9.5
  • *Bites or exposure to animate mechanical forces, drowning and submersion, accidental suffocation and strangulation, contact with venomous animals and plants, accidental poisoning and exposure to noxious substance, intentional self-harm, assault.