Table 3

Care of injured children in Oman

TotalFrequency (%)
Care at scene*
Care provider†
Care provided in prehospital phase‡
 C-spine immobilisation158.8
 Fracture immobilisation2313.4
 Control of bleeding2313.4
 Wound care8247.9
 Intravenous fluids169.4
 Needle decompression00
Mode of transport§
 Hospital ambulance11215.4
 Walk-in, wheelchair9813.5
 Private car49568.1
Transport time to hospital from time of injury§
 0 to 30 min608.3
 >30 min to 1 hour10814.9
 >1 to 2 hours10814.9
 >2 to 6 hours12417.1
 >6 to 24 hours7310.1
 >24 hours517
 Transferred from another facility18225.2
Hospital transfer
 Transferred from another facility34443.3
 Primary admission45056.7
 Khoula Hospital42953.9
 Nizwa Hospital36646
ED triage code
 Immediate (1)101.3
 10 min (2)172.2
 30 min (3)56675.1
 90 min (4)15820.9
 120 min (5)30.4
Injury Severity Score
 Minor (≤9)73292.1
 Moderate (10–15)354.4
 Moderate/severe (16–25)243
 Severe/critical (>25)70.5
Received surgery
Surgical procedures
 Khoula Hospital23154.4
 Nizwa Hospital7222.8
  • *Missing and unknown=353 (44.4%).

  • †n=147 children who received care at scene.

  • ‡n=147 some children received multiple care.

  • §Missing=68 (8.5%).

  • ED: Emergency Department; EMS: Emergency Medical Service; EMT: Emergency Medical Technician; CPR: Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation