Table 1

Characteristics of patients (aged up to 18 years) hospitalised due to haemophagocytic syndromes (years 2012–2014)

CharacteristicsTotal n=840, (%)
 Male435 (51.8)
 Female405 (48.2)
Type of admission
 Emergency/urgent655 (78)
 Elective185 (22)
Disposition status
 Routine645 (76.8)
 Transfer to another short-term hospital45 (5.4)
 Transfer to long-term care facilityDS*
 Home healthcare90 (10.7)
 Died in hospital45 (5.4)
 Unknown destinationDS*
Race (information on race is available for 765 hospitalisations)
 Caucasian315 (41.2)
 African American125 (16.3)
 Hispanic205 (26.8)
 Asian/Pacific Islander75 (9.8)
 Other races45 (5.9)
Insurance status
 Medicaid420 (50)
 Private310 (36.9)
 Other insurance95 (11.3)
Hospital region
 Northeast130 (15.5)
 Midwest175 (20.8)
 South360 (42.9)
 West175 (20.8)
 Urban non-teaching hospital30 (3.6)
 Urban teaching hospital810 (96.4)
Length of stay in hospital
 Mean22.1 days
 Median9.6 days
 25th percentile3.1 days
 75th percentile26.5 days
Hospital charges (adjusted to year 2014 US$ value)
 MeanUS$330 658
 MedianUS$100 426
 25th percentileUS$32 327
 75th percentileUS$264 288
  • *As per the data user agreement (author- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), cell counts ≤10 cannot be reported to maintain patient and hospital privacy. In accordance with the agreement, low cell counts were not reported and the term ‘DS’ (discharge information suppressed) was used instead.