Table 2

Characteristics of the comorbid conditions of hospitalised patients (<18 years old) with haemophagocytic syndromes (years 2012–2014)

Case mix characteristicTotal n=840, (%)
Fluid and electrolyte disorders330 (39.3)
Hypertension295 (35.1)
Coagulopathy290 (34.5)
Deficiency anaemias190 (22.6)
Adverse effects of medical drugs155 (18.4)
Sepsis130 (15.5)
Rheumatoid arthritis/collagen vascular diseases90 (10.7)
Bacterial infections70 (8.3)
Liver disease60 (7.1)
Neurological disorders50 (5.9)
Obesity45 (5.4)
Weight loss25 (3)
Renal failure20 (2.4)
Depression15 (1.8)
Diabetes—uncomplicated15 (1.8)
Psychoses15 (1.8)
Valvular diseases15 (1.8)
Diabetes with chronic complicationsDS
Drug abuseDS
Pulmonary circulation disordersDS
  • DS, As per the data user agreement (author- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), cell counts ≤10 cannot be reported to maintain patient and hospital privacy. In accordance with the agreement, low cell counts were not reported and the term ‘DS’ (discharge information suppressed) was used instead.